When you’re creating your interior design, there are so many different choices to make and so many options to choose from that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Because of this, many Salt Lake City residents turn to the classic styles that the interior designers at Mountain Refined can help you create.

Take a look at four classic home design styles popular today in Salt Lake City and around the country.

1. Rustic Interior Design

Rustic style interior design is defined by features such as subdued color tones, exposed beams, clay and wood furnishings, and open brick. Homeowners love rustic home interiors because they’re comforting, and when done correctly, can even be elegant.

Work on your interior design with Mountain Refined – we can help you strike that perfect balance between comfort and elegance that makes rustic home interiors oh-so-appealing.

2. Art Deco Design

One popular style that leans more toward opulence and luxury while still feeling like a modern classic is Art Deco style.

Dating back to the 1920s, the Art Deco style has been one of the most influential styles in home design of the 20th century. Art Deco is defined by angular forms and geometric shapes. When you choose this style, your interior design will stand out.

Mountain Refined knows how to help you incorporate Art Deco into your interior decorating,

3. Bohemian Home Design

If you’re a homeowner who likes to draw inspiration from many places, then the Bohemian style may be for you. Bohemian interior design is open to experimentation, with a variety of colors, patterns and even textures. It can also include inspiration from places all around the world.

But beware, because with all those colors, patterns and textures, Bohemian can walk a fine line between looking gorgeously eclectic and frantically scattered. Working with the interior designers at Mountain Refined is one way to make sure your Bohemian Salt Lake City paradise doesn’t end up a mad mess.

4. Midcentury Modern Interior Decor

One of the most popular design trends of this century actually encompasses a look to the past. Midcentury Modern reimagines the interior design of the 1950s – specifically, a fascination with the modernist movement of the time.

Midcentury Modern is for you if you want your home interior to include sleek lines based on organic shapes and contrasting materials, both natural and man-made. Mountain Refined can help you take inspiration from Midcentury Modern styles without making your home look dated.

Mountain Refined Is Your Design Partner

With so much to consider and so many different styles, an interior designer can often be your best friend when creating your perfect home design, and nobody in Salt Lake City is better equipped to help you create your dream home interior than Mountain Refined.

We have more than 35 years of experience and are ready to collaborate with you to create the perfect interior design in your Salt Lake City home. Call or come visit today.