According to a recent study by KFF, from 2019 to 2021 anxiety disorder among adults has increased by 30%. Likewise, it is evident that maintaining positive energy at home is not only necessary to look good only but feel. It helps to deal with unwanted situations and find a new opportunity every time.

Difficult words like stress, anxiety, depression are real issues for children to senior citizens and the place that can heal you is your home. When you have a chance to keep positivity around you, there can’t be a refusal, right?

So, here are some useful interior tips to get positive energy at your home.

1. Apply Feng Shui Interior Style

As per Feng Shui idea, there should be harmony in the interior set-up so that it feels like nothing is missing out. Starting with the front door or entrance of your house, you can plant some evergreen trees or shrubs. Likewise, in the hallway place fresh flowers that deliver positive energy in home. Also, you can place a mirror in the hallway to open up space. Keep the shoes, coats or umbrellas in a closed cupboard so they can’t stagnate the energy.

When you’re planning the kitchen interior, make sure the sink and gas are not placed opposite to each other as they originate a clash between couples, representing a clash between water and fire. Also, try to avoid too much red or black color in the kitchen. The next important room is the bedroom, where people spend most of their time at home. According to Feng Shui theory, a bed should not be in line with the bedroom door, Also, it would be better if there is a side table with a table lamp and light-smelled flowers or candles to radiate romantic energy.

For the bathroom, try to place some plants as they soak water. This is because, according to this theory, there is a chance that the wealth gets drained in the bathroom.

2. Add Balanced Colors

Colors play a key role to add positive energy to home. When you’re planning the interior design, make sure the color palette is balanced and soothing. It is better is add neutral colors in the bedroom and study where you can feel calm and composed. Also, for the living room area, choose a brighter color that lets the light play all day. It would add an additional positive vibe in home.

Try to use dark colors such as black, maroon, and brown only to balance the color palette but don’t overdo as they hold a negative vibe. Every color has its own features and assets but you need to apply them properly to retain positivity. Red, purple, and green bring wealth to your house and white wall can be suitable for the study area. Too dull color or too bright, anything won’t work for a perfect home interior with positive energy. To do so, you need to plan the interior lighting as well to complement the colors and feel the natural positivity all around.

3. Plan for Air and Lighting

As discussed in the last point, lighting is another important part of home decoration. When there is a dominance of dark colors, you can adjust it with good ambient lighting. On the other hand, add dim lights in the bedroom while sleeping as it slows down vibration resulting in sluggishness and mounting up of negative energy in the home. Not only the artificial lights, but you need to have enough windows to get bright sunlight that cheer up you in the morning.

Fresh air also helps to be positive and feel active. There is nothing better than be in the touch with nature. You can keep some houseplants for fresh air in your home, like English Ivy, Snake plant, or Aloe Vera.

4. Bring Nature to You

Greenery always helps us to stay motivated and increase our productivity. If you ever get bored at home, feel low, and don’t have a plan to renovate the house, the shortcut is planting. Indoor plants are one of the best ideas to stay positive at home. Different small houseplants are available which don’t need much care and grow easily. They can be used for decoration as well as you can spend time gardening.

Plants keep the air fresh, calm the air, and also help to relax your eyes and mind. It also adds natural color to the interior, sometimes with different flowers as well. Along with plants and fresh flowers, you can install an aquarium as well. With the moving water in the aquarium, you may get optimistic energy. It also develops a comforting atmosphere to sleep with relief.

5. Arrange the furniture

You might get confused to think about how to arrange furniture to get positive energy at home. Firstly, get free space to make the rooms look appealing and let the energy flow properly. So, only keep the crucial furniture in a room. Try to avoid storage furniture in the bedroom or at least declutter them once in a month or two. You can use the two-in-one furniture to save space as well. It is necessary to maintain a flow and make sure that no furniture is creating chaos in the room. Try to keep the furniture on the north side of the house to maintain better concentration.

Final Thoughts

Amidst so much chaos, you need to take care of your physical and mental health. And, it would be a great idea to design a home interior to get positive energy that not only helps you but people around you. A day that starts with positivity leads to great opportunities.