Interior design and interior decorating are two processes that go one after another; both the fields have many similarities. Because of the similarities, most of the time people get confused about whom to hire for their work? Who would do their work in the best way possible? But along with the similarities, they also have a few significant differences. This blog post will help you understand those differences and help you decide upon who you should hire for your work.

Who is an interior designer?

The interior design process begins with research to find out what’s desired in terms of functionality, aesthetics (sensibilities), and budget constraints. The analysis follows where the designer will use their knowledge for creative purposes by integrating all aspects into one cohesive whole that satisfies both client needs and resources available.

Designers have a challenging task in creating environments that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. For these designs to succeed, designers must think about the occupants’ culture and lifestyle when designing an interior space because it will improve their quality of life. This happens by fulfilling needs such as privacy or stimulation from interesting design elements. These projects can vary significantly, from day-extensive projects with clients who could range from corporate offices down into residential homes depending upon which type you choose.

Interior designers are often required to have more education than decorators. Interior design requires knowledge in both applied principles and the creative process of designing space, while sticking to code requirements for safety and environmental sustainability efforts throughout the project development cycle.

Who is an interior decorator?

Interior decorators are experts in bringing a new look to your space. They focus on the aesthetic details of design, from selecting color schemes and purchasing items for their client’s homes or businesses and allocating furniture layouts. This allows them to create an entirely personalized experience within each room, be it an office desk set up with ergonomic chair options available, sitting down at one central point where everything comes together nicely through neat rows upon perfect orderliness, or wall art hanging beautifully above head height.

A great way to get another set of eyes on your design is by hiring an interior decorator. You could also use this if you don’t have the time or energy for a full renovation job, but just want some assistance in transforming a room into something fresh and exciting.

Interior decorators are not regulated by any college degrees, but they often have a background in design and/or architecture. The work of an interior decorator is to make the space look good on every side aesthetically with color choices or furniture placement, and structurally if there’s construction happening near them where it might affect walls’ heights etcetera.

Who should you hire?

The decision of which type of professional to hire is a matter of personal preference. If you’re unsure about the two, we have compiled this list with helpful questions that will help point out your preferences and what best suits them. You may consider the following points in order to decide:

  • Are you planning to make new construction or just want to renovate the existing construction?
  • What are your exact requirements?
  • Does your project genuinely require a professional?

Who you should hire depends on the work required. If structural changes such as removing a wall or moving plumbing and wiring around are needed, then an interior designer will be preferable. With their ability to help plan for significant renovations that can take place by working directly with architects and builders. But if you require only aesthetic guidance when selecting style through wallpaper installation amongst other things depending upon your personal taste which includes paint colors/designs, or picking out window treatments according to preferences choosing light accessories within each space, and not any kind of structural changes then you should contact an interior decorator.

An experienced interior designer can do excellent decorating work as well. Also, an experienced interior decorator can do the structural work. But you should be careful while selecting the right person. However, it is always a better choice to hire a designer for designing and a decorator for decorating.