Utah inspired interior design ideas are practically endless when considering the state’s glorious vistas, views, and vacation-centric lifestyles. Utah offers endless possibilities for both outdoor adventures and indoor activities. For those who love a seamless style from exterior thru to interior, a Utah inspired palette of earthen hues, rustic wood, natural stone, and luxurious leathers. For instance, we designed this Oqhirrh Drive Park City home to meld beautifully with its surrounding environment.

Below we’ve curated a collection of five Utah inspired interior design ideas just for you. You’ll love the look and warmth this nature-based style brings to your home.

Enhanced Ceilings

We love white walls in all their incarnations; however, white walls and white ceilings can be mundane and boring. The most stylish mountain residences have the most incredible ceiling applications, such as massive trusses, rough-hewn beams, decorative copper panels, and rich wood shiplap.

Natural Stone, Brick & Cement

Perhaps one of the most recognizable elements in Utah inspired home is the use of natural stone, brick, and cement on flooring, fireplace surround, shower/bath surround, countertops, and backsplashes. A combination of all these elements makes an inviting natural aesthetic.

Velvet & Rough-Hewn Wood

2020 trends say its all about contrast going forward. Contrasting textures, contrasting colors, contrasting visual elements, and more. We particularly love the look and feel achieved when melding soft velvet and rough-hewn wood. Thinks jewel-stone velvet sofa set against walls made of rough wood in warm tones. For more rustic mountain decorating ideas visit Pinterest.com.

bunkbeds rustic mountain retreat

Guest Rooms & Sleeping Nooks in Utah Inspired Interior Design Ideas

No matter whether it is a vacation home or a year-round residence, the Utah home is sure to have ample sleeping quarters such as guest rooms, sleeping nooks, and bunk rooms. The latter bunk rooms are ideal for accommodating a houseful of guests. With privacy provided behind drapery panels.

Park City Utah interior design project

Feminine Style + Rustic Décor

Combining opposing elements and styles can be pulled off with a little planning and some designer rules of thumb. One way we like to add contrast to rustic home décor is through the unexpected use of style and color, more specifically, a touch of femininity. Pair dark lacquered woods and pretty hues of pink, red or coral in wall art, upholstery, rugs, and accessories. Our Shelly Cottage project in Park City above incorporates feminine elements while staying true to its rustic roots.

Rustic mountain living room

Faux Plants Decorating Ideas

Not to worry, if you don’t possess a green thumb, today’s faux plants look amazingly like their living counterparts sans the need for watering. Placing fake plants throughout the home can bring it to life. Layer plants based on alternating heights, putting the tallest ones in corners, and grouping others in groups of three or five.

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