Most people’s first instinct when considering a décor style for their mountain home is to go with the most apparent, expected choice—rustic, country, or lodge styles. And there is nothing wrong with any of these aesthetics per se.

However, when we are designing our client’s homes, we like to encourage them to add a sophisticated mix of styles and elements. This creates beauty, interest, and a refined aesthetic, all while honoring the surrounding mountain ranges and the incredible vistas and views they provide.

Are you ready to jump out of the ordinary and into the unexpected with a refined mix of styles and elements for your interior? If so, we’ve curated a list of ten of our favorite mountain home decorating tips to get you inspired!


Bring the beauty of the outdoors indoors.

Just because we are focusing on a refined look, doesn’t mean you can’t bring some of the nature-centric elements from the outdoors. Selected wood elements (in moderation) from flooring to beams can be made to look amazing when paired with modern furnishings or white walls.

Other outdoor items can be deer, moose, or elk antlers placed on a coffee table or dining table. Mounted above a fireplace or made into a spectacular light fixture for above the kitchen island, dining table, or suspended from the center of the great room ceiling.  Alternately, a rugged stone can be used for the fireplace surround when other elements are less rustic.

Designer Take-Away: Outdoor, nature-centric elements add the perfect touch when used in moderation.


Lots of textiles and texture.

Since we are going for a bit of sophistication here, textiles are a wonderful way to add a tactile sense to your décor. Plush, sultry velvets in soft, earthy, or vibrant hues will do the trick. Think velvet sofas or sectionals in a navy, classic blue, or grey paired with lounge chairs in buttery leathers of warm chestnut or mahogany.

Add to that layers of chunky knit blankets, pashmina throws, and knobby textured pillows in complementary or contrasting colors.

Designer Take-Away: Textiles and texture a must for creating comfort and tactile interest.


Embrace your style, even if it’s not rustic.

Just because your home surrounded by soaring mountains, trees, and endless natural beauty, doesn’t mean you have to match the outdoor setting to the interior style. If you are a diehard mid-century modern lover, a loyal traditionalist, or contemporary-centric, embrace your style and go with it in your mountain home. Just be sure to add a few natural or earthy elements in like those mentioned above.

Designer Take-Away: Just because your home is in a rustic setting, doesn’t mean your interior environment has to be too.

Warm floors with rugs.

Whether you choose stone floors or wood floors for your home, area rugs, runners, and accent rugs are a must for warming up hard surfaces underfoot. Not only do rugs add warmth and texture, but they can also anchor your color scheme by choosing ones that feature all your chosen hues.

If you love rugs with classic oriental patterns or contemporary abstracts, choose ones that make you smile, and the mix of styles will be successful.

Designer Take-Away: Rugs are ideal for anchoring your color scheme and warming up and softening hard floors.

Light for your mood and your home’s ambiance.

When approaching the lighting for your mountain getaway, it will take a dual-purpose plan. For your mood, be sure to use plenty of warm interior lighting in every room to create an inviting, bright environment, during the winter months when the sun maybe not be out.

On the other hand, make sure any pendant lighting or lamps you install are not blocking the window views of the breathtaking outdoor vistas surrounding your home.

Designer Take-Away: Protect your views of the surrounding mountainscape by purposefully placing interior furnishings or lighting.


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