While there are many areas in life where buying items used or preowned is easily doable despite some potential challenges, there are also some notable exceptions here. Certain products or areas present significant issues when they’re purchased used, including several in the home furnishing world.

At Mountain Refined, we’re proud to offer a huge variety of home décor and interior design services, with brand new items ranging from living room furniture to bedrooms, dining rooms, numerous accessories and more. While we appreciate those who sometimes buy used to stay economical, there are a few major home furniture items we strongly recommend against this method for. Here are a few examples.

Bed Frames or Cribs

For sleepers, both adults and babies alike, the frames are a vital part of the sleeping experience that are used for hours nearly every day. This means they’re exposed to significant wear-and-tear, especially those made from pure wood without any sealing. Crib frames hold the same kind of value, only with extra importance given the safety and sleeping needs of babies and infants.

For these reasons, it’s generally not advisable to purchase these items used. Not only are the risks of poor quality higher given the wear that’s been placed on them over the years, they may not have the proper hardware for setup or coordination with your mattress. When it comes to cribs, in particular, there are stringent safety guidelines for manufacturers in this realm – if you’re buying an older used model, this may not meet current safety requirements.


Down similar lines, we don’t generally recommend buying a mattress used. Once again, this is an item that’s used every single night, and will build up some resulting stress over a period of time. Mattresses may have aesthetic issues, like torn or stained covers, but could also have more significant practical concerns: Improper support, broken springs, pest infestations or other use-related concerns. While budgeting for any new bedroom space, we strongly advise planning for a brand new mattress while considering other lower-ticket items used if needed.

Upholstered Items

Whether we’re talking couches, chairs, ottomans or many others that come upholstered, this is another area where new is generally the way to go. Secondhand upholstery isn’t always what it looks like – it may have stains that you don’t see immediately, cushions that have been worn on one side or various odors you won’t be aware of if purchasing online.

Like mattresses, used upholstery also may have pest issues that aren’t discovered until later. For these reasons, we generally recommend going new for any upholstery pieces, which will last for years with proper care.

For more on which furniture items to avoid buying used, or to learn about any of our home furnishings or interior designer services, speak to the staff at Mountain Refined today.