Tristen has been heading up interior design work for Mountain Refined since mid-2019. Tristen has worked on residential and commercial properties for Mountain Refined’s clients in Heber Valley, Park City, Salt Lake City, and all over the Salt Lake Valley. In addition to deigning spaces for clients, Tristen also hosts a themed class every month relating to a topic of Interior Design. These classes are held at the Mountain Refined showroom. During these classes, she shares her design insights, tips, ticks, and and whit.

Tristen’s design services can be booked by calling the Mountain Refined Showroom at (435) 654-1817.

“It’s always important to see what’s trending and what’s coming ahead, but to stay current on what local artisans are doing. To be present for what’s going on in our Utah markets is incredibly rewarding.”

Interior designer Tristen Hales

What are your credentials and what is your background in?

I got my first interior design job in the DC metro area in 2012 and earned a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design in 2013. I have been enjoying this creative field ever since!

What interior design services do you offer and specialize in?

There are great services offered from at Mountain Refined. I specialize in consulting in materials and design finishes for the construction and planning phases, and follow-up with furniture, accessories, and art to finish off design projects. Simply put, if you build it, we will come!

How do you structure the work of your interior design projects?

We begin with the development phase. This can be as simple as commenting on the floor plan and interior layout, collaborating with architects, or selecting appropriate materials for the space. That’s just the start! My interior design process can also guide clients through the building process to keep within the architectural aesthetics and promote interest throughout the space. It’s as involved as the client needs.

How do you charge clients?

I charge an hourly rate for design consulting. There are a lot of people that see things that they like, but it is very advantageous to have a designer put it together. It may seem unbelievable, but hiring a designer can be very cost effective. It saves a lot of time to utilize someone that can glean from someone’s style preferences, efficiently pull samples together, and have intuitive decision making ability. A designer must stay up-to-date on the latest trends, but know what’s sticking well and what classic looks are available to clients that want longevity from their designs.

What do you enjoy most about working as an interior designer for Mountain Refined?

There’s always new things to learn! Since there’s a lot of amazing things and trends happening in the design community, so creating new looks to reflect an elevated design at Mountain Refined is very exciting! 

What is your favorite interior design style? And what are your favorite trends in interior design right now?

I love everything. Sorry, I’m one of those, but there’s a lot going on with “fresh traditional” and “modern farmhouse” that are really cool and exciting. I’m seeing some organic french country looks that are also new and exciting.The trend of doing traditional elements with modern attitude has been going on for a while. I love what I’m seeing with traditional stone, tile, and brick laying making its comeback, but adding a modern light fixture or a sophisticated furniture piece gives it a unique and customized wow factor. A few years ago, I was reluctant to get on the farmhouse bandwagon because it was too reminiscent of shabby chic, but it has evolved into some amazing and fresh looks.

Where do you find inspiration for your projects?

There are several online resources at our fingertips and the internet has revolutionized what we are able to see and draw inspiration from. But I tend to use photos as conceptual elements and then look to local resources for sourcing materials. It happens often that someone will bring me a picture and want something very specific from it, but if the product is made in Indonesia and takes three months to get into the United States, then we need to source a different product. I look to furniture makers, Pinterest, tile manufacturers, and I still flip through magazines in the check out line. It’s always important to see what’s trending and what’s coming ahead, but to stay current on what local artisans are doing and to be present for what’s going on in our Utah markets is incredibly rewarding. 

What recent Interior Design Project are you particularly proud of?

This project was for a celebrity client in Mexico. My design expertise was put to use in every room of the house. I designed bathrooms, living spaces, entertainment rooms, and bedrooms. Designing and furnishing a home abroad posed a unique set of challenges and constraints when it came to importing materials and furnishings. Dispite the challenges we faced, we were able to stick to the set budget, timeline, and the client loved the outcome of their space.

Home designed by tristen hales