At Mountain Refined, we’re happy to offer a wide range of home décor and design options, with comprehensive services therein. We not only provide high-quality furniture and interior design expertise, but also tips on areas like long-term care and upkeep of any furnishings you purchase from us.

One category that many homeowners pay particular attention to when it comes to cleaning and maintenance in the furniture realm: Upholstered furniture, such as sofas and living room furniture, fabrics and more. These areas should be kept clean not only for aesthetics, but also for practical value and the long-term quality of your space. With this in mind, here are the common upholstery cleaning codes to be aware of for any such pieces you purchase, which we’ll go over in this two-part blog series.

Code W

For general care and maintenance of many upholstered items, the use of products in cleaning code W will be ideal. These refer to water-based cleaners, those that use foam from a water-based cleaning agent like a mild detergent or non-solvent upholstery shampoo. They’re good for spot cleaning plus basic standard care.

To use these, obtain a soft rag or brush, plus your water-based cleaner. Apply the foam to the fabric with the rag or brush, then move in a circular motion. Once the area is dry, vacuum it to remove any additional debris. We recommend beginning with a small area to test the solution before proceeding to others.

Code S

Code S, on the other hand, refers to solvent or dry cleaning products. These involve mild, water-free solvents or specific dry cleaning solutions, which should only be used in well-ventilated rooms.

These products should be combined with frequent vacuuming and light brushing on fabrics that do not work with water-based cleaners. Any code S products containing carbon tetrachloride should be avoided, as this substance is extremely toxic and dangerous. Once again, we recommend pretesting a small area before you proceed to the entire piece.

Code W-S

There are certain upholstery or fabric products that will contain the cleaning code W-S. This means the piece can utilize either water-based or solvent cleaners for basic cleaning, depending on the specific need.

As with both other types, regular vacuuming and brushing are still recommended for daily care and removal of dust and grime. Such products will often see mild solvents or shampoos used for spot cleaning, while dry cleaning products may be used for broader monthly or yearly cleaning upgrades. However, these can be mixed and matched as needed, taking all the same precautions as we went over in previous sections.

For more on cleaning codes for various upholstery furniture pieces, or to learn about any of our home décor or interior decorator services, speak to the staff at Mountain Refined today.