Cotton Encased Down Blend King

The Cotton-encased Down Blend pillow offers the traditional feel of a down pillow with added comfort features to help ensure restful sleep. Filled with a plush down and feather blend it provides consistent loft that is naturally supportive and breathable. Encasing the pillow is a soft, thick layer of cotton filling to eliminate the feeling of sharp quills and create a plush feel. Its cover, made of 250 thread count pure cotton percale fabric, is soft and easily removable for laundering.



Soft down and feather blend creates a consistent loft that is naturally supportive and breathable., Outer cover has a layer of soft, thick cotton that encases the pillow and blocks sharp quills, Dual encasement reduces dust mites and allergens commonly found in single encased down pillows, 250 TC cotton percale cover with soft cotton layer is removable for washing, Available in King, Queen, Standard and Travel sizes – Ideal for any sleeping position – 6″ loft – 3 year warranty, 250 thread count, pure cotton percale cover is soft and easily removable for laundering., ,

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Standard, Travel, King, Queen