Intellibed Midnight Mattress


Intellibed mattresses are both 100% Firm & 100% Soft at the same time. Surrounded in a premium cover is the Gel Matrix™, Talalay Latex and individually wrapped coils for motion control.  Enclosed in a innovative cover are two layers of Gel Matrix™, two layers of Talalay Latex, a layer of Serene™ and body-zoned posturized coils with motion-control.

This sleep surface features a top quality, high coil count laced innerspring to provide the best back support possible. But it is not just about support. Two layers of Gel Matrix plus a thick layer of high density Certi-Pur foam provides great pressure relief (up to 80% better than other mattresses on the market) to significantly reduce tossing and turning.

You will wake up feeling refreshed with reduced back pain for the best night’s sleep possible. Adding an adjustable base instead of a flat box spring will increase the ability of the sleep surface to provide comfort and relief to you.


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The Midnight is our best bed in the luxury collection. The bed is made with two Gel Matrix layers to give you even more dynamic responsiveness. Even Firmer. Even Softer. And supported with a high count, tempered and wrapped coil system to provide great motion control. This mattress features copper-infused latex, which provides superior comfort and exceptional support. Additionally, the copper-infused latex is naturally cooler than memory foam, and is resistant to bacteria growth. The Quantum EdgeTM provides the best motion control and a consistent feel throughout the entire mattress.