Malouf Carlisle Headboard


Malouf Furniture is made up of mix-and-match pieces so you can customize your bed. By choosing a headboard and a compatible base, you can design a bed that suits your unique lifestyle. The Carlisle Headboard has added design elements with scooped corners and features buttonless tufting in a geometric shape for a clean look. The ultra-plush padding on the headboard offers added comfort, and the elegant lines add a soft, streamlined feel in your bedroom. Each piece of Malouf Furniture comes in five uniquely textured colors. Plus, a portion of every purchase goes to the Malouf Foundation’s fight to end child sexual exploitation.



Upholstered in five unique fabric options, Ultra-plush with geometric tufting, Designed for easy installation, Fits most frames and Malouf adjustable bases, Headboard height adjusts in 2-inch increments ranging from 46 to 58 inches, Finished back includes a pocket for leg storage, Includes with pre-drilled legs, modification plates, and wall mounts, Pairs interchangeably with Eastman and Watson Platform Bed Bases, must be ordered separately