Pacific Green Navajo Sofa

A versatile and elegant piece for your home. This Pacific Green design has its origins in the classic sofa.

The distinctive upholstery pattern of the Navajo sofa echoes the hand-stitching of traditional American fur coats. Unshorn bovine hides are sourced from Brazil and combine natural colours of tan, yellow, chocolate and grey.

Its ribbed back design replicates the canoe building techniques of the Native American Nations where bark skins were stretched over and lashed to wooden frames.

The back and lumbar cushioning supports the sitter in all the right places.


Arm Chair:
1120W x 930H x 900H (Mm)
44W x 35D x 35H (Inch)

2 Seater Sofa:
1730W x 930H x 900H (Mm)
68W x 35D x 35H (Inch)

3 Seater Sofa:
2280W x 930H x 900H (Mm)
90W x 35D x 35H (Inch)